Sodium Sulphide Solutions

Sodium Sulphide (Na2S or commonly Na2S XH2O), is a by-product in the manufacture of Barium Carbonate, which is colourless and water soluble. Since it is caustic, needs proper care in handling.

Typical Properties

Sodium Sulphide is colourless and water soluble. Strongly alkaline and cause skin burns.


Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a dry, ventilated area.


  • In tanneries for removing hair.
  • In the manufacture of Sulphur Black Dyes.
  • Atomic Power Plants in manufacturing heavy water.
  • In Pulp & Paper industry in Kraft process.
  • In Ore flotation.


Total sulphides ( as Na2S) percent by mass 52 – 60%
Sodium Hydrosulphide ( as NaHS) % by mass 2.5 % max
Excess alkali ( as Na2CO3) % by mass 2.0 max
Reducing compounds ( as Na2S2O3) % by mass 2.0 max
Iron and aluminium compounds (as Fe2O3) % by mass 0.5 max
Sodium Sulphate (as Na2SO4) % by mass 1.0 max
Sodium Chloride (as NaCl) % by mass 1.0 max
Water insoluble % by mass 0.25 max

Impurity Profile

Acid insoluble, not more than 1.0%

Iron as Fe2 O3 not more than 0.04%